A roguelike heavily inspired by Gungeon and Binding of Isaac, you play a Knight whose quest is to venture into a nearby dungeon - utilizing the most powerful magic of all... GUN MAGIC! Starting off with a pistol, instead of picking up items to modify your character - you pick up gun parts in order to modify the weapon itself!


  • F12 to Restart
  • R to Reload
  • Right Click to Reload
  • E to Pickup
  • Mouse to Aim
  • Left Click to Shoot
  • WASD to Move




PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(208 total ratings)
GenreShooter, Action
Made withGameMaker: Studio
TagsFangame, Fantasy, Loot, Pixel Art, Retro, Roguelike, Roguelite, Shoot 'Em Up
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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update when

idea:creator should make it that every time a goal is reached like downloads or plays a cheat code is added

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any full auto trigger, bullet canister, shotgun shells, quad barrel, and drunken stock

best build I could find was quad barrel, nukes, ak stock, spinigun, and any trigger that increases fire rate or damage. Got to level 207

Me and my best friend:

I couldn't bear to kill him, so I let him kill me...

I got a boss that gave me FOUR items. Not three. FOUR!!!!  FOUR!!!

best combination i could find was quad barrel, bullet canister, rubber grip, ghost bullets, and bee trigger and stock. made it to 159


is there a discord for the game?


Yoooo this is a great mix, Love gungeon and Binding of Isaac, so this was a great suprise.


soul knight, but no download. noic


what do the stars do?


you will not die with it 




I dont know how i got here

PB rn still going though

i cummed

great game :)

Damn you can get easily get addicted to this game. I reached level 117 with a super overpower spreadable bullets weapons.

it is really good

phenomenal game!! so addicting!!

Great game! Tell me please, is it possible to kill a naked woman in shop or not. And it would be very useful, if a player can check his  gun parts by Tab boton.

No, you can't kill the angel.

incorrect its just diffucult

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i got bored because of how good this loadout was quad barrel + ghost rounds + love mag and stalk + rubber grip + sticky trigger + bullet canister 


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i am a fucking god, i died at stage 127


Bullet Canister + Auto Trigger + Quad Barrel + anything else make an awesome gun. Made it to 103.

shotgun makes it the mose op(in my opinion)

Drum mag + chaos rounds + mini-gat barrel + blow-up trigger :DDD

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what does sticky do(on the bee barrel)

It likely slows down fire rate a little.

if you get all the void pieces do you dodge everything



Here is an idea: 

Suppose you get a set or have like 3 parts. if so you get an ability for that set. For example,  you have 3 bouncing bullet parts, so the ability could be you get another bounce or it can bounce off enemies.

i just died on level 104!

fun game.

i just died at 113 :( there were two among us looking characters shooting at me with their blue arrows and 2 goblin guys shooting me with their red arrows, I almost dodged all of them!

is there more bird items


only bird barrel

oh ok

(1 edit)

I killed the 1 eye monster, got into the shop, then the blue arrow hit me as I was buying the heart. It is glitched like this now:

free enter the gungeon

10/10 would play again


What does bullet time mean

It slows the game down after you kill (it only happens once)


can you kill the angel?

The one in the shop: no

The small one that flyes around in the fighting room: ye

Can you make it so youcan turn off gun sounds?

Turn off your computer volume.


there should be a sandbox mode where you can customize your own gun BEFORE going into it! great game also.

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Me at room 410 before dying : )

Me on room 200 on a base gun only run: =D

For real?!?

I only got to twenty

i got to 127 :)

is there a way to see or pick different parts to the weapon?

You have to come across them by fighting monsters, bosses or buying them at the shop.

OK, I was really wondering if there was a sandbox mode but your answer tells that there is not one. Thank you.

been trudging thru the deep end


Found a new glitch. If you have the bow trigger, hold it down, and change triggers while still holding down. It gives you crazy fire rate.

(1 edit) (+1)

i got a really good build. i have the one barrel that allows you to shoot 5 bullets at once along with the honey trigger so nearly every shot spawned a bee or multiple bees. the original build was BULLET HELL with shotgun shells so i literally did not have to aim, just shoot lol. lagged my game a lot but it was good. then i accidentally picked up chaos rounds which made my life (and my framerate) better. i also have rubber grip for more attack speed. i also have the missile stock so i have a chance to fire missiles, and the bullet canister so i don't have to stop shooting. before the bullet canister i had spinnygun so i still didn't have to stop shooting. also i keep taking 1 point of damage in or before a  room i can heal in- (boss rooms and shop rooms) no other places. just those rooms. for some reason. i'm going to stop typing now and go annihilate more enemies. currently at room 148 btw.


i got to room 204. still goin strong.

loco :)


unfortunately my chromebook... uh... pretty sure it's dead for good. screen's not turnin on. there goes my best run yet. ;-;

and rolling or a dash 

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