This is a two week prototype created for a game design uni class. The theme was

'voice' and I wanted to make a game where you had to record your voice and then

make music using that voice. I had trouble getting the recording part to work so I

decided to just use premade assets/sound effects. I had a lot of fun developing it

and I learned a lot about developing around BPM/the precision that is required.



  • Click on the note symbol on the left to pick a sound. Click again to get a new set of sounds.
  • Click on the notes to arrange them. You can drag up/down to adjust the pitch of that note.
  • Click on the bar underneath the sound title to adjust the volume.
  • Click on the Power Switch to mute/unmute a track.
  • Click on the CULL switch to stop a sound when that sound plays again.
  • Click any of the preset buttons to get a preset arrangement of notes.
  • Click on the Spinning CD when you are done making your song to do a full performance!
  • F1 will forcibly restart the game.



Stepford (Programmer) : Twitter | Newgrounds |

PerhapsNameless (Vocal/Voice Instruments) : Newgrounds | Twitter

TheChad4k (Menu Music) : Newgrounds | Spotify | Soundcloud

Special Thanks:

@itsreddqueen drew this cover for the main menu.

@CJspellsfish drew this cover for the main menu.

@another7887 drew this cover for the main menu.

@bingowaders drew this cover for the main menu.

@nikkiphantomite drew this cover for the main menu.

@spazgunk drew this cover for the main menu.

@ryve drew this cover for the main menu.

@m1roart drew this cover for the main menu.

@textexaz, @ConnorGrail, @Pepperly, @MonoCronic, @cjspellfish and

a few others all helped me get sound effects for the game.

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Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tags2D, beatbox, Music, Music Production, Pixel Art, Retro, Singleplayer, sound, Soundtoy


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this is such a cool little game/thing :)




I love this game so much!!


amazing work and very cool ✨


Super intuitive, I'm having a blast with this


cute and fun lil game :) 


I am having the glitch were nomatter what I do it still says unidentified

(1 edit) (+1)

Had the same problem. I turned on cookies and it started working.

Edit:  Using bowser


What was the update?


Wow I love it ! You really did a great job, I'm hypnotized by this game !

Thanks for giving it a go! <3


Can literally make killer loops in 5 minutes. By selective turning on and off loops, you can dj some sweet background music for games. Dang this is amazing

I definitely spent a lot of time messing around while playtesting! Thanks for playing! <3


...if you're ever planning to work a little more on this; a feature I would love is the ability to save/export the music I made. Right now if I want to do that; I do a stereo mix recording through audacity. I know that would probably be a lot of work, though.


how do you start the game i dont know if im dumb or somthings wrong with my download but theirs no characters or music note and i cant do anything but stare at an empty studio with no sound pls help

(1 edit)

Start the game, and click on the little note symbols on the left side to pick a sound. 

I have been made aware of a glitch where the sounds will say "undefined" and certain elements won't show up, but you can always refresh the webpage if that's the case. 


This is honestly so fun to use. It's sorta like a simplified version of Fruity Loops Studio. I agree with the first comment that it's also strangely satisfying. Overall 10/10 game, would recommend to someone interested in music

Thank you so much!


The game is really nice (in ONLY TWO WEEKS JESUS CHRIST!!!), I hope you do well with your class!

I hope so too!


I really wish there was a full screen button


Strangely satisfying! Also, very fun how the characters moves to the beat, and how there was a build-up build-off when playing the full performance. Nice project!


Thank you ❤️