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hey man nice updates but i got more suggestions if you want 

first you could make that the angel shop is the rarest shop and them make multiple shops of people selling diferent things like a ammo machine that makes you chosse diferent ammo and more and more 

also what is a game where you can fully customize your gun but there is no atachment that make you have an action by pressing the rmb like a mini grenade launcher or special ability

also enemies should have pathfinding.i dont know if its hard to make but its your choice.

also its this your first project, just asking

Very cool game bro! Enter the gungeon Episode 2 !

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this game is very cool but i know it needs improvment so heres some suggestions 

first work on gamepad support or at least let me configure my controls its hard for me to reload on r

second you should ad a menu and pause menu that shows a map of your gun's parts

third and last ad more than just these same rooms ad shops,minigames and more

this game could be gungeon for free

edit: pls add health and money pickups

Thanks for playing! All of these are features that will be coming out in the future. 

I'm  not sure when gamepad will be enabled, but money and shops are going to be in the next update or the one after that.

I added health drops in yesterday's update, so you might have to redownload the game.

The pause menu will definitely be added sometime too, showing off what every item does to your stats.