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been trudging thru the deep end


Found a new glitch. If you have the bow trigger, hold it down, and change triggers while still holding down. It gives you crazy fire rate.

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i got a really good build. i have the one barrel that allows you to shoot 5 bullets at once along with the honey trigger so nearly every shot spawned a bee or multiple bees. the original build was BULLET HELL with shotgun shells so i literally did not have to aim, just shoot lol. lagged my game a lot but it was good. then i accidentally picked up chaos rounds which made my life (and my framerate) better. i also have rubber grip for more attack speed. i also have the missile stock so i have a chance to fire missiles, and the bullet canister so i don't have to stop shooting. before the bullet canister i had spinnygun so i still didn't have to stop shooting. also i keep taking 1 point of damage in or before a  room i can heal in- (boss rooms and shop rooms) no other places. just those rooms. for some reason. i'm going to stop typing now and go annihilate more enemies. currently at room 148 btw.


i got to room 204. still goin strong.

loco :)

unfortunately my chromebook... uh... pretty sure it's dead for good. screen's not turnin on. there goes my best run yet. ;-;

and rolling or a dash 


Quad Barrel (Tri barrel works too)

5 tap trigger (3 tap works too.)

Inflatable Grip

Reverse Stock

Spinigun (Or Bullet Canister)

And (MOST IMPORTANT) Shotgun Shells

You should make a game like this that is this exact thing and then put like a save feature, add more bosses, add story, bigger shops instead of little ones and have them after every boss, add characters and upgrades to health and stuff for coins you can earn by killing the bosses, add more enimes, add gun types and more gun attachments. So basically update this game ig, since its already working. But I would love for you to make that a reality because this game is fun but it gets boring and repetitive after playing for so long.

The choomer: quad barrel, 5burst trigger, shotgun shells and canister mag. pull trigger for a deadly choom

What's your favorite magazine and why is it the spinigun?

is the second version still in development?

I hope!

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Good Thing

-The bullet canister is INFINITE AMMO mag

Bad Thing

-Boss is take 1 Damage each hit. (Except D20 Bullet)

-Boss is resist all bad status (Ignite or Poison)

-Coin limited is 100

Bullet canister op asf...

so- my- uh. my screen turned red. and it's not turning back.

nvm, somehow turned normal when i scrolled down.

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i have created a build such that i have only been hit once, and that was on room 30. it consists of chaos rounds and some other stuff that i can't remember rn.

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here's the things i have that i've found out so far (including things i've changed since lvl 30):
extended mag- not anymore, now drum mag. never mind, bullet canister now.
chaos rounds
apparently i still had the pistol stock but now i have a snug splinter but now i have drunken stock
inflatable grip. not anymore, now i have rubber grip.
blow up trigger.

got hit for my 2nd time on room 54

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3rd hit on room 60. also i killed the spider dude before he could spawn any mini spiders lol.
it was also in this fight that i realized that with bullet canister, i can continuously shoot without stopping +-+

4th hit room 72.

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5th AND 6th hit on 79 ;-; this might be where it ends. anyways, imma stop putting how many times i've been hit.
edit: didn't end there, thankfully.

Made level 113 with this build, but died cos bullet canister glitched and I had to start reloading it.

-Whatever that stock is +accuracy

- mo' money grip (later replaced with silver grip cos i didn't need mo' money)

- bullet canister + inf bullets

- 3burst trigger (I couldn't find the 5burst)

- quad barrel +3 ammo per shot

- Bouncies + can no longer miss shots

you could prob replace the stock with a fire rate one as the bouncies do not miss, and a 5burst trigger is obviously better, The bullet canister runs out of bullets fast, but only 1 bullet is needed as the 3burst fires 3 * 4 bullets per click. remember to always buy hearts :D

hearts are more important to get!!!

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Great Roguelikes but


so that's why i saw so many zeros on my screen

Op setup: 

Nukes (Damage and Knockback)

Bird Barrel (Double the bullets)

20 Mag (20 Bullets)

X3 Trigger (3 Bullets at a time)

Any other part of gun that is Drunken

ngl but the ghost rounds look like flying cocks


how the heck did anyone get to levels over 100? i barely got to halfway!

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skill, luck, and for me, a whole lotta chaos. i got chaos rounds, bullet canister, some stuff that makes my rate of fire absolutely insane but my accuracy nonexistant, and drunken stock.

Thanks for the tips but I can barely get any good upgrade that you mentioned at all with my luck being bad but again thanks for the tips

btw, never take accuracy stuff unless u have the basic stuff.

The game is very cool but the health is too exepensiv and you can t see the whole screen.

Hi, I found a fix. You need to press Crtl + (-) and zoom out your browser screen so you can see the whole thing. Let me know if this helps

thank you

Huge numbers/hacked scores from the leaderboard infects every screen of the main menu. Makes a part of the screen unreadable. Thanks.


I got to floor 580 and the build used 90% of the way there was:

-Quad barrel

-Reversal Stock


-Inflatable grip

-Glass bullets (Shotgun shells would probably work as well but I didn't want to crash my computer)

-Sticky trigger

Near the end of the run I decided to try out some different attachments but that didn't go so well.



that's soo impressive 


man got one shot and so did my computer

THIS is what EtG should've been!


bang bang yes


if you swap the bullet canister with another bullet canister it lets you reload it lol. what a epic bug

I  got to level 206 before dying.

My setup was several items that heightened bullet count and ammo usage, the sticky grip, and the almighty spinigun. Shooting while reloading mixed with absurd bullet counts and running  out ammo quick so I can get to the reload with fast auto shots was a good synergy.

TL;DR: 10/10 would spontaneously combust again.

Cool Game

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just lost all my progress by logging in to post my progress. Absolutely worth it ;(. (only started playing 3 hours ago).

Cool game!

The  angels give  off the vibe that they  can kill the shopkeep,  but iv'e been shooting her for  10 minutes straight and still nothing

But the angel kills me :<

a couple months ago wheni first started playing this game i remember seeing a post from you confirming plans for a sequel, it involved hackers controlling robots and stuff, you said you might even be able to switch the robots limbs and junk. i can no longer find the post confirming this? was it real or did i dream it?

SO GREAT But what is the point of the shop at level.. 5 was it?

very good game,I love it!

Is there sandbox mode? and if there isn't can you plz add it cuz I kinda suck at the game and it would be fun to have all of the weapon parts at your finger tips and to try new things without having to do a 45 min run to get the specific gun part that you want. Thx for reading! :)

you can change the difficulty

do you have to download it to play?

This game is tons of fun, but the nukes are kinda OP,  especially when paired with the magazine that reloads over time. It reloads before you can fire again, and even with things that increase your fire rate I could easily clear rooms without needing to stop holding the trigger down.

can you only hold 1 item


This game is insanely fun, I made it to floor 270 and probably could've gone further, I had the quad barrel, nukes, reversal stock, bullet canister, inflatable stock and 5x burst trigger and it was totally broken, switched it up and immediately died lol 

the community here is strong

bird barrel is basically incubus from tboi lmao

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