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is there a way to edit files in the windows .zip folder to have no limit on how many accessories you can put on the gun?

soul knight 2

using the bow and ak stock I was able to shoot through walls with glass bullets

Mini gat, ak stock, auto trig, shotgun bullets, bullet canister

god fire rate combo

are there cheat codes

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Got too op couldnt even take damage got bored at 195


I had Nukes Bird companion (Must have doubles bullets) sticky grip 30 bullet mag and some other random stuff

Why is my screen going solid red 

you highlighted the screen by accident


um mr developer man

how did u do this

Found a way to reduce lag. Go to settings and turn off blood and screenshake.

add sandbox to test out weapon combos

suggestion: add a sprint feature where u press shift to sprint but you can only do it for 3 seconds each level


 can u make the level 5 shop less expensive because by level 5 we dont have much money 

3x Bullets + Explosion + Bees = OP


better one: sniper rounds, 3x or 5x barrel, any trigger with full auto, void grip, sniper splint, and canister mag.

alternative: shotgun rounds, burst trigger, canister mag, sniper splint

I got bird to 200 with: bird, shoots more random (don't remember the name), and all the rest bees. I did with skill issue.


i made in to 128lv with bounce+1,regens ammo,4x projectile,3x fire,missile frindly bees


game sucks no heals


Yes, there are.

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Level 350 with bullet canister, 5x trigger, quad barrel,  whatever stock lest you shoot backwards, SHOTGUN SHELLS, AND BEES. Got bored at that point. died because of a glitch where bullet canister didn't auto regen ammo and made me reload. Game lagged way too much as well.

i got to 107 lvl, i had a gun that fired like 50 nukes in one shot and had an insane firerate so i basicallyspammed the trigger and annihilated everything

Quick summary of my strat: The bird and the bees (and the insanely large mag that regens automatically)

What do void items do

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Quad barrel +5 burst trigger nuke sticky grip backward stock spinigun made it to 240 before i didnt wanna play no more

So... I think  I just found the most broken build in the game:

Nukes + Quad Barrels + Spinigun + Sticky Grip + 5 Burst Trigger

I made it to about 160 before getting bored

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i agree thats just op

made it to level 76

lil guy cant move lol


drone bullets

just go onto a different tab to pause it

Can you please add a pause button for browser?

i want shotgun bullets


CHALLENGE: get as far as you can with only normal gun

reward: u become cool

died to hood guy

i got swarmed by eye bats in the very first room lma


really fun great concept

hey  could  yall tell me what bullet time does?

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Best i have found is guitar barrel, shotgun shell, spinigun, quickie mag, whaterever else is bee stuff. I got to round 120

update when

idea:creator should make it that every time a goal is reached like downloads or plays a cheat code is added

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