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this game goes hard, played during class. W game.

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Came back after not playing for a year and got room 301

i leave a comment once every 5 solar eclipses, but i do have a suggestion. i wish each gun part was labeled with which part of the gun that it is and you could also press a button, lets say F, to view your gun and its parts so that we would know if we wanted the part thats laying on the ground. this feature will be super helpful when deciding to buy a gun part from the shop or not

First run in months got room 112

As i continue to go on with life this game never disappoints to be a great game. amazing for doing something when procrastinating, crying in the corner of your room while covered in blankets, playing on long car rides, crying in school, sitting outside on a   bush, crying while venting to your friend about how messed up your childhood was, climbing the walls of a library, crying out your soul, and eating peoples' earlobes.

oh my god i couldn't have said it better; that was a beautiful speech and it brought a tear to my eyes.

Thank you.

But did it bring a tear for each eye or a single tear for both?

This game is amazing



i t   d o e s n ' t   w o r k   w e l l   o n   a   l a p t o p   o r   t o u c h s c r e e n   d e v i c e s   i f   t h a t   i s   y o u r   i s s u e   o t h e r w i s e   i   d o n ' t   k n o w   w h a t   y o u r   p r o b l e m   i s .

Is there a final boss to this game?


i reached level 50 with a broken build iirc and died to a fast eye, 8/10 game, would recommend

ironically this game is really glitchy in the downloaded version, but not at all in the browser one


very good


this is surprisingly good



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i died at level 23 to a BABY SIiME i love this game

I wish gun knight 2 was still being developed lol

This is such a good game.


what a charmingly cute and great game. id love to see this fleshed out even further. not sure if you still work on it but i rather like it. 


Very good game some combinations are super op 100% would recommend


Very interesting game! The gameplay and challenge are both very interesting, I like it! It would be even better if I could view the boss's health more intuitively.:)


Very fun! I wish there were some way to see what components your current gun is made of, though - It's a bit painful to buy a new part only to realize that it's replacing something better than you thought it was.

This game is really nice! I enjoyed using double nuke weapon with one of the best mags in the game!

meu recorde é 231, parei aqui porque estava muito cansado mas recomendo instalar esse jogo :) essa foi minha melhor arma.

my record is 231, I stopped here because I was very tired but I recommend installing this game :) this was my best weapon.

new record :D



my record is 1570. stupid wizard boss finally got me. used canister mag, drunken grip, nukes, reverse stock, sticky trigger, and quad barrel

sick! recently got to 1003! good job on 1500, i could never wish for something *that* high

Nice. My record is only 153

my record is 268 


This is such a bangin game. Graphics are lit,  gameplay is gold, controls are easy to learn. You deserve an award.


I broke the game by getting bullet canister, 3 burst trigger, shotgun shells and quad barrel.

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yo man dope game it's like enter the gungeon but for pocket devices/ i very much enjoyed and got up to 24th level. I very like how I feel POWER then I get new weapon. More ammo, more bullets etc. And didn't understand the shop mechanics, all weapons I met had a bonus and a debuff. WHY SHOULD I PAY FOR A DEBUFF? but game is certainly well-made. 

My record after a year of playing is 430.

there's a glitch were if you have the bullet canister and full auto you have infinite ammo. and can fire indefenetly

shhh dont tell they might patch it


I really enjoy this game, its great how different each run can be depending on what attachments you find, completely changing how you play each time, I did have a bug where the game would crash every time i died, but a very enjoyable experience


        I have always thought that the bullet canister was the best mag because it is literally infinite ammo, but while playing I had found a second canister and swapped my current one for that one and on the next level when I got to the bottom of the ammo and instead of continuing to fire, it started reloading. for the rest of that game I had 5 sec reload (worse than drum), it made a ghostly hissing noise after reloading, and I never saw another mag attachment to swap for. I guess I had been under some sort of curse.

please explain.

I encountered the same thing too. What made it happen was either I swapped the bullet canister for something else while reloading or just swapping the bullet canister for another bullet canister.

Regen ammo does that if you have full auto trigger


You have to fix this game for browser use

i wish the fulscreen was fixed...

1) I find it really frustrating that I can go through 500 waves and not find the parts im looking for, plus have endless repeats of parts I already have.

2) This game is still really fun.

3) I finally found a combo where there's a magazine better than the op spinigun: AK stock, drunken grip, 5x burst trigger, quad barrel, and ghost bullets. And instead of the spinigun, go for the bullet canister, the one that doesnt reload and regens bullets instead. Usually this magazine is a bad choice because your firerate is limited by the speed of the magazine reload, but the 5 bursts fire even if the mag is empty (bug? pls dont fix that), so you just have an insanely rapid directional fire weapon that can go through walls. Its not as braindead as the hurricane so its fun to give yourself the challenge.

*high* score

final loadout was inflatable grip, blow-up trigger, lovely stock, double smoker, sniper rounds, and bird barrel

Got 2 117 but then my power cut. so sad


What is the basic damage? I'm asking this because I want to know how good d20 actually is


got to level 73 with my mousepad

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