This game was made for a 48 hour jam, so unfortunately the ending isn't fully implemented.

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Sinuuki (Lucie Art) : Twitter | Instagram

Sank (GUI Art) : Twitter | Newgrounds |

Vendal_V (Writing) : Instagram

PKToasty (Main Music) : Twitter | Newgrounds

Jimmy (Intro Music) : Lord Jimmathy of Anor Londo#9647

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Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(33 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Role Playing, Simulation
Made withGameMaker: Studio
TagsDating Sim, Magic, Pixel Art, Short, Singleplayer, Vampire, Wizards


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YIPPEE i got the good ending

SO fun! I honestly think he would be really fun to talk with normally, lol


hear me out..

I managed to get the good ending somehow...

The game is cool, I tried to act like an bad*ss and delibrately said things I knew he wouldn't like in an attemp to get the good ending. In the end, I felt sorry.

Anyway, here the tips: Be nice, say things you think he loves to hear, don't read his mind, and that's how it is


I don't like how stereotype this is. Why should being insecure and dishonest be the good ending? 

i dont think thats the only way, i got the good ending by being honest.

got the good ending on my first try, im so happy!! really sweet game


I figured out how to get the good ending. When he says he doesn't think it'll work out, don't choose anything and wait. Then when time runs out, say you were distracted and he'll say he needs to come clean... then you can choose either option, and that's how i got the good ending

Thank you! That was so helpful!


I got the good ending after 10+ tries

Tip: Choose the answers that he likes, and if there is none that is the obvious choice, choose the one that is the most insecure sounding, or the one with the most "..."

also, maybe don't try reading his mind...


i cant get the good ending ;-;

Love it!

I got the good ending on the first try. I love it. One of the best dating sims I have ever played.


ikr <3 love it


What in tarnation!?- How did you get the ending? Is there specific texts I have to choose in order to get the good ending? Because I dont think I can cope with him being mad at me again lol


From the description:
Why are you lying? There's no point. This isn't a good way to get attention or make friends :/


I thought you said there was no good ending Mr. Stay Comfy (:  

well seems i stand corrected!

how? i played it like five times and never got the good ending. then again i tried not to use the mind reading thing to often but still.

five-times? I have played more than 20 times to this ending

If you wanna get the good ending, order the salad, take a few bites, tell him you like hiking and that your family goes every year. Tell him that you are an artist.  Remember that he hates magic so don't tell him right away. 

Yeah, I'll do that. just everytime it is going good as soon as we talk bout my family i crash and burn. i tried the steps u said my second play through at first but he gets mad bout the family and that dude near the orb.


This game is so damn cool, i love the art!! And it has a pretty interesting concept


How many ending is there?


There never was a good ending, was there...

Deleted post

This is so aesthetically pleasing I LOVE IT- I played 3 times but I keep loosing unfortunately ;(( BUT GREAT GAME THANK YOU FOR YOUR HARD WORK 




tips are that he likes hiking, travelling and introverts. you gotta lie a little bit


Since I am interested in those things, it went pretty well until we hit the talking about family a bit. Maybe it's similar to real life like that, ha.

i did that date goes fine till he asks about my family then its bad ending for me


This has so much potential! But at least put a good ending somewhere and then continue on developing the full game. Looking forward to it <3


lucies a fucking asshole




yep thats me


Ha, I get that. It's why I eat things that are harder to look sloppy with. If you're a little insecure about it, you could always try eating things like soup or parfaits for smaller meals.


woah, I played for like solid 30mins and still lost...., i hate myself, thank you mate! good game tho... xD


is there a way to win?


Fuck… I lost everytime. I guess I am just a looser.

But anyways you have some problems with your text rendering. It sometimes clips but I like the game alot.

Again thanks for reminding me that I will never be able to have conversations with someone.

yup lost everytime lol. seems real hard to win. if you find out how to win let me know.

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Thanks for reminding about my social anxiety D;

How relatable...