Destroy the streets of Melbourne in this Tony Hawk inspired 2D skating game. Use the mouse to direct your board and do flips, competing against other Newgrounds users online through the highscore system. This game was made for a rapid prototyping class over the course of two weeks, but lots of friends decided to pitch in their talents by offering over their artwork and original music specifically for this! I'm so so so thankful for all the lovely people I know. Thank you all so much. <3

Even though I wish I had more time to polish this game, all things must come to an end! You need to know when to finish shiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

Listen To The OST Here!



  • Left Mouse Button - Jump
  • Middle Mouse Button - Revert
  • Right Mouse Button - Grab
  • F2 - Force Restart
  • A/D/Left/Right - Assist Key Revert
  • W/Up - Assist Key Balance



Stepford (Programmer) : Twitter | Newgrounds |

Wooly (Cover Artist) : Twitter

And a LOT of musicians...

and a LOT of artists...

fuck lol

Spraypaint Artists:

3amsoda alexd0tnet andyland anoriginaljoke bingowaders capercube conundrym corruptmodule doctorwaffle drawingslowly dreadywailer droid dungeonation dylz49 emasporonga223  ender2709 flamingpickle ghosthat1 goljie gooberthed halve11 jonline kagoriyuki kikupa kingcrowned kolani lionsnotice loopies lordscout marv midgetsausage migmoog mrpakoman mzza ozzie perhapsnameless peti pinkibirdi pollenpvtch pom postelvis renren rizumuplus roligtjackson ryve sangiez scootakip lewdraccoon silverscarf sirmilkman skyphsnsocks someape super sussybagel toppleng tsuyoxmr unvenprankster wemz16 witheredapricot xlyphon young44 yurikadry renchuaye


@Andyl4nd @lewdraccoon @PerhapsNameless

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(11 total ratings)
GenreSports, Simulation
Made withGameMaker
Tags2D, combo, combos, High Score, Mouse only, Pixel Art, Singleplayer, skate, Skating
Average sessionA few seconds


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I saw this game on, here is it an identical version? I am asking because the version causes my CPU temperature to increase by 20C/68F. It is very interesting, please reply.

Ah yes, Tony Hawk’s Jet Set Radio for the Sega Genesis


Hi Stepford! Doing cool stuff as always!! B)

Been following this one for a while, hahahah

Gotta tell you that whenever i right click, the right click menu pops up! It then wont read the next click, because you are not in the game. This is on Chrome, btw. Just warning you!

That's strange! Are you sure you're not right clicking off the game? None of my playtesters experienced that, and I haven't either? 


Nevermind, false alarm. Seems somewhere along the line i had installed a "force right click when the page does not let you" addon to chrome. oooooops
Sorry about that! It was a long day, man, hahahahah


This is awesome! Every game by Stepford is so good.


so glad i got to play this, fell in love with this game the moment i saw your first tweet.

The game isn't quite finished yet, but since this is a class project I want to have it uploaded here to submit early and then continue working on in my own time. The full thing should be finished in a few  days!